We host LIVE Sales every Thursday night @ 7p MT on our Instagram page. You can find more information about the next scheduled LIVE posted across the top banner of the site.

By claiming items in our LIVE sales, you are acknowledging & agreeing to ALL policies as stated below. Please read before joining our LIVE.

2022 Important Info:


We have no control over USPS transit times, which may be adversely affected due to increased USPS package volume & lack of USPS staffing due to COVID-19.

We currently ship orders ONE DAY A WEEK, which is Mondays as of January 2022. We appreciate your patience, cooperation & understanding.


HOW TO ATTEND OUR LIVE SALES: Download the Instagram app for iPhone or Android. Create a free account and follow @thehumblecrystal. Open the app at the date/time we are set to go live (check banner above). Head to our profile @thehumblecrystal and tap our Raccoon Logo.


Also, you can simply open the Instagram app when we begin our LIVE stream, and a glowing Humble Crystal raccoon logo will be displayed front and center along the top banner of your Instagram app- just tap that Raccoon to join the LIVE. Be sure to turn on post notifications so you never miss us!

HOW TO CLAIM ITEMS: To claim an item, comment the specific phrase & code noted in the PINNED caption, accompanied by the letter of the crystal you are claiming.

For example, to claim 14A, your comment would read "YO 14A"

When you claim a crystal in our LIVE Sale, you are committing to buy the piece. Please be sure you actually want the crystal you are claiming before commenting. The first comment to come across our screen is the one that gets the item. ALL claims are final and are considered a commitment to purchase. We do not allow put-backs or swaps at any time during or after the LIVE.

INSTAGRAM TIP: If your claim comment(s) seems to be getting blocked, please type something else (a longer phrase, etc) to try and free up your account's commenting privilege. Sometimes Instagram blocks certain actions to "protect the community"- in this case, because it thinks the phrase you are submitting is potential spam.


We require that all new customers communicate via Instagram DM immediately upon leaving our LIVE Sale. All payments are due within 24 hours of LIVE sale ending unless otherwise specifically noted (either in the LIVE Sale or expressly via DM) by Alex. Refer to the bottom portion of your listing for any additional details.
Payment is due in full at time of purchase. Full payment must be received prior to order fulfillment & shipping.



We offer Open Boxes, which means that you pay for shipping on your initial order and can hold your box for shipping until the next week's LIVE sale, in an effort to save on shipping costs and allowing you to attend multiple LIVE sales to fill it. However, if you don't make a purchase in that next LIVE sale, your box will automatically ship out on the next shipping date.

To utilize our open box system, please include a note in your order checkout stating "Open Box" so we know that you'd like us to hold your order.


When you are ready to ship your box, it will be going out on our next shipping date. We currently ship orders once a week, so please bear that in mind when you choose to hold an open box with us. When you are ready to close your hox, your order will be going out on the next shipping date (not the next business day) which means your box will not necessarily be shipped on the exact date that you decide to close it.

All LIVE Sale orders ship within 7 business days (this does not include Saturday & Sunday) unless otherwise noted, but usually more like 2-4 business days. We will send you an e-mail with tracking information when your order has shipped!



All orders ship from Colorado with with USPS by Priority Mail. Shipping charge will be calculated based on shipping location for USPS Priority Shipping.

Shipping will be calculated based on your shipping location and added to your invoice after the LIVE has ended.

Shipping for International orders will be calculated based on shipping location and added to your invoice after the LIVE has ended.

Note: Please do not request a shipping quote *during* a LIVE stream. DM us directly after our LIVE Sale for this information.



You must ensure that your shipping information is correct BEFORE submitting payment- we ship to the address that you provide at checkout on our website. We are not responsible for any errors or issues that may arise due to improper address information given at checkout. Additionally, we do not process returns or refunds for orders due to incorrect address information.


Serious buyers only- ALL claims are final. This is very important to read before making a claim during a LIVE Sale. We do our best to accurately represent each piece in the LIVE stream and through our photos/videos, and ask that you only comment to claim an item if you intend to purchase it. We do not allow put-backs, swaps, returns or exchanges of any kind. Therefore, no returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations will be processed under ANY circumstances. All sales are final.


The Humble Crystal is not & cannot be held responsible for items broken or damaged in shipping, lost, or stolen items/packages for ANY reason. We release all responsibility as soon as we hand the package over to USPS/UPS and therefore cannot be responsible for: any damages incurred during shipping, improper delivery, lost or stolen packages, etc. We offer shipping insurance for an additional fee- please request this be added to your invoice prior to checkout if you are interested.

If your items arrive damaged, you may reach out to us via e-mail within 24 hours of delivery, however you must attach clear photos of the damaged outer box packaging as well as any damaged items. This is very important! We will not respond to your inquiry if you cannot provide photos of damaged outer packaging as well as clear photos with all damages.


Items claimed in our LIVE Sales will not be held or removed from available inventory until your invoice has been paid in full, so please be prompt. Failure to communicate via DM and/or pay invoice on time will result in being banned from accessing future LIVE Sales.


All specimens are sold as-is and are FINAL SALE. Customers purchase with the full understanding that colors may differ slightly due to lighting and varying screen representation on each specific phone or tablet.


Chips & cracks in the stone are natural and will occur over time. We do not process ANY returns or refunds for chips or cracks in stones.